Do you want to rent your property for tourist purposes? You need a tourist licence.

Holiday rentals are an increasingly attractive business, but to be on the safe side you need a holiday rental licence. Gone are the days when you could rent a holiday home without a permit: nowadays, the Spanish authorities take this type of rental more seriously than ever.

In addition to this, the authorities have other tools at their disposal, such as form 179 (quarterly informative declaration of the transfer of use of dwellings for tourism purposes) or tourism inspections to "catch" all those who want to work in this sector without a rental licence.

The licence is nothing more than a permit issued by the competent administration authorising the owner to exploit the property for tourism purposes.

It is important to note that the requirements to obtain the licence depend on the autonomous community in which you live. However, the procedure is similar in all areas of Spain.

Tourist home or tourist flat?

Although they may seem to mean the same thing, in the eyes of the Administration they are totally different. Tourist flats are establishments integrated in blocks of buildings, groups of chalets, bungalows, or equivalent properties destined for the purpose of providing accommodation. exclusively to provide a short-term accommodation service.

All registered tourist flats must have a visible identification plate on the outside with the initials AT and the number of keys of the accommodation (the number of keys is similar to the stars of a hotel).

Tourist homes, also known as VUTs, are properties whose owners have the ability to rent it out on a regular basis, but its use is strictly non-commercialIn other words, the owner can stay and live there if he so wishes.

It is important to note that within tourist dwellings there is also a differentiation for those in a rural environment.

Tourist Licence in Andalusia

The decree concerning tourist accommodation in Andalusia, obliges all tourist accommodation to present a affidavit with the regional ministry of tourism.

In order to file such a declaration, there are some requirements, such as

  • Have an occupancy licence
  • Some document proving the ownership of the dwelling
  • It must be furnished and equipped with the necessary equipment and fittings for immediate use and in accordance with the number of places available.
  • Cleaning of the property on arrival and departure of new customers
  • Bed linen is available

This procedure can be carried out online from the virtual office of the Junta de Andalucía and requires a digital certificate.

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