Integral management of tourist flats

Tourism management
of the future, today.

Make the most of your holiday flat and earn some extra income. In Sereno we take care of everything.


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We deal with the
day-to-day running of their household.

Optimisation or creation of your advertisement on various platforms

It is important to create a detailed and attractive advert for customers. At Sereno we create your advert on the main booking platforms (Airbnb, Vrbo, Booking, tusereno.es).

Management of reservations and notification to authorities

Our team will assist guests from the moment the booking is made. After completing the check-in, we send the guests' details to the authorities automatically, complying with all legal requirements.

24-hour management of guest arrivals and departures

Attention via messaging, email or telephone 24 hours a day in different languages. We ensure that guests have the most pleasant arrival, stay and departure possible.

Cleaning service and maintenance notices

Professional service including cleaning of bathrooms, kitchens, preparation of beds, sweeping and mopping of the whole house and removal of rubbish.

Smart pricing to optimise revenues

We vary the price of your accommodation based on seasonality, occupancy of the area and events in the city.

24/7 assistance for hosts and guests

Our service is completely comprehensive. We ensure that your home is fully booked and in perfect condition for your enjoyment.

Latest access technology. Intelligent lock

Smart lock for greater control and security of your accommodation - no need for keys!

Private area to see the performance of your home

We provide you with a private area where you can consult the details of your property in real time and reserve dates for personal use.

Professional photography of the accommodation

We believe in the importance of good photography. A professional photographer will take the best pictures for your accommodation.

The smarter choice,
simple and safe.

If you don't have time, you find it difficult to manage your flat on the various online platforms or to attend to your guests, this option is for you.

Maximise profits

Our clients have increased their revenues by 20% with our integrated management.

Real-time data

Real-time SMS notifications of every booking that enters your accommodation and login.

Management of payments

We receive payments from guests and settle with the owner on the 30th of each month.


We manage more than 40 accommodations and have handled more than 5,000 bookings in the last 3 years.

Zero worries

Earn extra income without having to interrupt your day-to-day life, we take care of everything.

Home improvement

We grow together. Our team will give you suggestions on how to improve your accommodation.

Some of our accommodations

Sereno is a project that aims to achieve the professionalisation of the tourism sector at the highest level.

All our accommodation is registered in the tourism register and has all the necessary guarantees to promote quality, responsible and safe tourism.

All our services

20% + VAT. No down payment, no small print and without permanence.

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