Do you know about Home Staging? Everything you need to know about it:

It may be the first time you have heard this word, but it is nevertheless a very common and important technique when marketing your home.

What is home staging? It is a marketing technique imported from the U.S.A. The objective is to prepare properties for sale/rent in order to make an impact or make the user fall in love with them.

It is important to bear in mind that the photographs of your property are, in the vast majority of cases, the only impression that guests are going to take away with them. Taking this into account, it is important to value home staging as a key tool to increase our relevance in the main booking portals such as Airbnb, Booking or tusereno.es.

The question we all ask ourselves is: do I need to do Home Staging to rent or sell my property? the answer is yes.

Do you need to be well-dressed for a wedding, a job interview, a date to meet a new person? If people need to give a good image with their clothes, so do tourist flats.

How to do Home Staging in your holiday home?

It should be noted that there are great professionals dedicated to carrying out this type of technique and getting the most out of your home. Here are a few brief tips that can help you:

Make the most of the space: less is more!

The term minimalism, at its most general level, is the tendency to reduce to the essentials, to strip away excess elements. This technique is important if your property is small, with the right techniques, you can make a small space seem twice as big.

Take care of your lighting property

Interior designers pay special attention to this issue. Good lighting allows us to delimit spaces, enhance certain areas, transmit warmth, security, on the other hand, inadequate lighting can cause fatigue, headaches, stress, etc.

Neutral colours and styles

When selling or renting a house, we must be attractive to any type of public regardless of their tastes. Neutral colours such as white tend to be the most popular, while strident colours can make you lose sight of the other factors.

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